Puzzle will support vertical or horizontal position on iPad!

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After Mondays class and from my previous blog I put some time into the app on getting the images from Tim into it and the whole UI all set. The only issue of mine when i finished coding it on Monday night was if the iPad was turned to vertical position the buttons for the sculptures to do the puzzle for would move off the page because they were positioned for the horizontal location. I found a way to fix this with CSS. All you need to do is define @media only screen and (orientation: (either portrait or landscape)) { //Then all of your CSS code }.

So all I had to do was put this into the CSS file for both orientations and set the correct settings and when to display certain images and now the puzzle application can work both ways. Here are 2 screen shots:




Overall I think the puzzle application is pretty much finished. Hopefully on Monday Tim and his boss like all the changes that have went in. It is exciting to see the final application coming to an end from all of our hard work this semester!

Btw… if testing this on safari web browser the buttons for the sculptures will be not aligned correctly because it is coded to fit the iPad resolution for vertical and horizontal use.

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