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Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Work on the puzzle has been kind of slow over the past week with not having class and we still where waiting from images from Tim. We meet as a group in class together also with having a reporter come in and ask all of the groups questions and someone to take pictures of our work. My group spoke with team and he told us he would send the files we needed to get this puzzle into a final state. Luckily Tim got back to us quick before tonight and we had our hands with the images and files we needed. I implemented Tim’s background image and buttons for the back and forth throughout the application. The application also has the ability to do 3 images. We still have been looking for a way to have it do multiple images with this open source code. But the easiest and quickest fix was just to create 3 html files that are very small not even 50 lines of code and those are the images it calls. I think that the look of the puzzle application looks awesome! Here are some screen shots on an iPad 2.

(Main Screen)



(Puzzle Screen)



Overall the main page that Tim designed allows the user to see the 3 sculpture images that you can put back together. Then the user and just click onto one of the images and it will allow them to put that sculpture back together. Then they can either restart the puzzle they are on or they can go back and select another. I think it finally is coming to a good state and looks good!

If you test this in my home directory on the server, right now the images are set to absolute settings on an iPad for how it will be displayed in the gallery. So if this is viewed on Safari browser the images will be out of place compared to the screen shot above.


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