Puzzle Weekly Report

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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During the spring break I saw the email about the testing so far with the code we have. I noticed that the puzzle game was not working for dragging wise the pieces across the screen. Else the buttons worked with no issue. Kerry found on the web that there is a tool called touchPunch. How it works is it uses simulated events to map the touch events to their mouse event analogs. All this needs it to add the touchPunch.js tool to the index.html file after the defining of the jQuery UI package tool. Then from here it should allow you to move the pieces. 

Here is the link to touchPunch tool:


We have implemented this into the code and and from testing wise through the web browser everything seems good. The next step is to test this on the iPad to see if this tool actually works or not. 

We have been working on implementing a main screen page which would allow the user to select the difficulty level of the puzzle, the image they would like to view (if have more than 1) and then a button that starts the puzzle. Once the user starts the puzzle they can complete the puzzle or click the button at the top left corner to go back to the main page. We figured it would be a good idea to have a main page which allows the user to select all the different options they wish to use inside the puzzle and then move onto a different page for the actual game. The issue we have come across is getting the button id values passed to the 2nd html file. The first puzzle application we had did this all within one main html page which we were able to pass the id value to the javascript from there inside. We are stuck on passing the value from one index page to another. If anyone has any idea how this is possible that would be greatly appreciated! 

Overall it has been a lot of learning and trying to find different ways to get this value passing for me over the past week. We are hoping to have theses new features added in soon once we get past this small bug we are stuck on. 

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