Puzzling Week…

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As the week went on, I kept practicing using EGit with Eclipse to fetch and push scripts from my testing repository for my teams puzzle activity section for the app. Besides getting the base understanding for GitHub, I continuted to research ideas on the Puzzle. I have found a lot of open source code on concepts for creating images that move when the user selects them. Before class this week I was continuing my practice of HTML/CSS/JavaScript by just creating random web pages with simple tasks exploring the different methods and tools theses languages offered to us. Once after the meeting on Monday, my group was told to create a working demo for our next meeting of class. I finally got a basic frame work down that has a title for the page and a couple buttons. Theses buttons allow the user to start the puzzle, restart the puzzle and refresh the page. I also integrated a drop down list that allows the user to select a difficulty for that puzzle and the javaScript behind would set the difficulty by the users selection. We do have a working demo and will be shown at our next class meeting. The next key is getting in touch with Tim and getting the images for the puzzles so we can then create multiple puzzles to select and play instead of just having one single picture puzzle.

Overall this week has been very productive and I am very happy with the outcome of our progress. More to come with some updates over the weekend and into next week.

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