More Practice with Eclipse & GitHub

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Today before our IRC Group Meeting for class (CS401) I spent some time getting the finishing touches on how retrieving and pushing files to GitHub works from Eclipse. Previously I was having trouble pushing the files to my repository that I created, but retrieving them with the fetch command was no problem.

I realized in order to push the files to my github repository I had to select the certain file I edited on my local directory or from the fetch from GitHub. When you right click on the file there is an option for add to stack. Then you can issue it a comment and commit that change. From there I would select the main repository and select Push… Inside there I would push from the HEAD repository and then push those files to the selected branch on my GitHub repository I created for my groups testing. Once I said yes to finish, my files where showing up on GitHub with the changes.

Took me a little to get the main idea down. But now it comes very easily and I can see how this will become very useful when our project starts to get under way and we can view everyone’s code instead of looking at there changes on there local computer.


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